What can’t you miss? List for this summer

Exactly one year ago, I was dealing with the pasport and visa process, I began to make a mental list on what I had to bring (whit me to the U.S.). The amore was looking for the perfect aparment 7000 kilometres away, which hadn’t found yet (he was coming back to Spain in three days!). Important papers wasn’t arriving. I was looking for a beautiful dress for our mass ceremony of 12 people. I was restoring my grandparent’s house by myself. I was working on orders and requests in the meantime. In short, I was so overwelmed by work that I wasn’t able to reach my butt with both hands!

So many things to be done in so little time that I didn’t have too many chances to enjoy the little things that summer brings us every year. So this year, I plan to enjoy each and every one of them like crazy.

Given that I’m a friend of endless lists of all kinds, I have already prepared one for the rest of the summer. A little road map to jump into any swimming pool, river, lake, beach, that I find. To wake up early to see the sunrise or not to go to bed in the whole night, (depending on the point of view). To dance in the jamboree of the town, as if there were no tomorrow. To shirk in the bed. To read a beautiful book. To have some romantic dinner with the amore. To laugh with friends. To count shooting stars. To fall in love again, (in my case with the one). To switch off the cell phone,… Definitely, to enjoy life a little.



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