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Don’t Panic! It’s not a definitive closure, it’s a temporary and very short one, now I tell you why. I’ve been almost all summer thinking (in fact, I haven’t posted anything in all this time) that I want to do something with this little dream. It’s not that I’m not happy with the result of this first year of life, I’m super happy and that’s just thanks to all of you. THANK YOU! But I was missing something.

I’m noticing that my small business, my little dream, doesn’t have all the essence that I would like it to have. That I’m not being able to be quite myself and am not transmitting to you all what I should transmit. I’ve been too guided by what the experts say that a company should be, and I have left aside the feelings, the emotions and the magic of what this really is. In short, I stopped being myself and the excel sheets took the course of all this.

That’s why I have taken the decision to do a small remodelling of the web, as well as myself. Don’t believe that I’m not afraid. It’s very comfortable to be at the other side of the screen, attached to the keyboard, in pajamas and slippers, without make-up and without combing in the whole day, without anyone taking me out of my comfort zone. But I want to change all of this and show myself more, telling you stories about those cups of coffee (or drinks) quiet and leisurely, of not running so much to end up not getting to the right destination, to come back in time and take the good path.

It’s tough to me, but I’m totally willing to reach it.

But to do all this I need you, because all this is nothing if you are not here, because you are the fuel that starts the engine to work. So I’m waiting for you with the new collection in November.

And to hollow out everything that is coming I need space in the little corner that is my workshop, so we start a CLEARANCE SALE from now until October 15, which will be the day in which we close the web. I’m waiting for you!

Use code: SALE17

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