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Do you believe in love at first sight? I do, and in fact I’ve lived it myself. The amore and I have been together since the first day we met, bu that’s a different story.

Paperman is one those romantic, magic stories that I loved from the very first second I watched it. It always inspired me and, in fact, it was the first design I made for Rebeautiful.


  • Measurements: 17,71 inches (45cm).
  • Material: gold plated 22kt. Niquel and lead free.
  • Colors: Red (coral)
  • Take care of: Treat carefully and keep it in a jewelry box next to our pink cloth.
  • Made in: Handmade in my apartment with love.
  • Plus: It goes in a beautiful pink box with our logo in gold.
I want to know more
Paperman is a ribute to all those women that fell in love at first sight with their amores, on their dogs, cats, the world, life and, specially, with them selves.
We send you wrapped in silk paper and with a pink jewelry chamois.

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