Earrings Partly Cloudy




We all have that friend who, no matter what, will always, always, be with you. That friend that you meet for a coffee and you forget your cell phone over the table for the whole afternoon. That friend that, even in the case you don’t see each other in months, you know that it doesn’t matter, because you are always there for each other exactly like the last time you met.

  • Material: gold plated 22kt. Czech crystal.  Niquel and lead free.
  • Colors: gold and blue
  • Take care of: Treat carefully and keep it in a jewelry box next to our pink cloth.
  • Made in: Handmade in my apartment with love.
  • Plus: It goes in a beautiful pink box with our logo in gold.
I want to know more

This is what partly cloudy represents, a little tribute to the  true and sincere friendship, that kind of friendship that lasts forever.

The droplets of water are czech crystal and the bird and cloud are gold plated of 16kt.

Also available is the necklace

We send you wrapped in silk paper and with a pink jewelry chamois.

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