Earrings Jupiter




Jupiter is the second brightest celestial body of our solar system. Could you guess which is the brightest one? Surely the first one that came to your mind was the sun, but it is not, you are wrong. The brightest thing in our whole solar system is you. Yes, yes you! The dreamer, happy woman that, even when having a bad day, always finds reasons to dance and toast with champagne. Chin-chin.

  • Material: 14kt Gold Filled. Niquel and lead free.
  • Colors: aqua terra jasper
  • Take care of: Treat carefully and keep it in a jewelery box next to our pink cloth.
  • Made in: Handmade in my apartment with love.
  • Plus: It goes in a beautiful pink box with our logo in gold.
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Also available is the necklace and bracelet

We send you wrapped in silk paper and with a pink jewelry chamois.

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