January has passed in a heartdeat and we are already inaugurating a new month. In February there are all sorts of celebrations February 14th is Valentine’s Day (buy yourself a treat),  and during this month we’ll also have the carnival. A party that I love! Do you usually celebrate carnival? Tell me where you celebrate it from and which costume you will use in the coments, I promise not to reveal the secret of your costume.

I have prepared the February calendar. You only have to subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive it in your mail. I hope that, apart from being useful to check the month, it will cheer your spirit up everytime you look at it.

I really liked to see photos of the January 2017 calendar in social media so, if you share this one, don’t forget to use the hastag #rebeautifulcalendar so that I’m able to see your photos and give them a big like ?



Well, that’s it for today. In Rebeautiful, we will have some surprises for you this month, but I don’t want to do spoiler, I’m not telling you anything else, so it’s a lot more exciting.

If you want to be aware of all surpraises whithout having to be awating, subscribe to my newsletter, and I will let you know.


P.S. Today is my birthday and,  during all the day,  we will have a 32% off in all the online store as well as free shipping on all domestic orders.



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