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You are welcome to my web Rebeautiful©.

I’m sweet-toothed and Itake advantage of any oportunity to eat cookies and I sweeten the life. And, as it wakes me so good, I have decided to give cookies also to the web (the ones that not make you again weight, don’t have gluten and are ok for diabetics).

As I have informationed you when you entered this web uses cookies, from third parties to make the navigation perfect and your stay as confortable as possible.

If, you have entered as continue browseing, I understand that you are happy with the instalation of this cookies. This cookies are defined as little text files that a web site stores in the browser of the user for that particular web, being in some cases essential for the correct functiong of the web. This is the reason why the web surfing habits of the user for that particular web are stored.

You can be calmed because your privacy is safe.