Because this is not about beautiful things, jewelry and accessories.

One afternoon, I was sitting in the sofa of the apartment of two, I was drinking a of hot tea, with banana-chocolate chips muffins, I’d just finished to make. Them I realized that you barely know me, that you don’t know what I think, the way I am, whatever is my philosophy of life, and therefore my business. So I had to remedy this.

So, I jumped out of the sofa, I left my cup of tea like Jane Austen inspired by his new book, and I went right into my workplace, which is only three feet off the sofa. It’s said that big ideas arrived when you least expect them, and in the strangest situations that you can imagine. In fact, I have a notebook that I always carry with me anywhere I go, because one never knows when you may have a delightful moment.

Thinking about how I could t explain my philosophy in the best possible way, my business philosophy, Eventually I have ended up doing what I was doing from the beginning (here the first post). Express the phrase that have identified myself during all this year since everything began: life is a party! With disco ball and lanterns. With happy moments, with pity moments, mistakes, laughs, big moments and gin tonics.

Because this is not about beautiful things, jewelry and accessories. Or yes, but beyond. It’s about dance, music and free drinks. And what I want is you to dance with me. So, today I throw to the world our manifesto, what we believe. And to celebrate it and let the whole world find out, from today and for a week, with each order I’ll send the postcard of our manifesto for free.



Join our newsletter in this same post, in the sidebar of the blog or in my webpage. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking to bomb you with emails. It’s simply the guest list for my party. I’ll send you my drawings, I’ll tell you my stories (few), reveal some good secret and you access to exclusive promotions and discounts in my online shop.

Life is a party, I’ll take charge of reminding it to you through your inbox.

Thank you for continuing there. And don’t stop the music!


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