About me



My name is Maria-Jose, I’m form Spain, and I’ve brought with me the breeze and the sun of the mediterranean to inspire me in each one of my creations and to transmit you the cheerfulness, joy and happines that characterize my home country.

After years of work in Spain , and in the middle of my studies of lyric singing in the conservatory, I left everything for love, I crossed the ocean and I mored to a little town of the United States, toguether with my darling.

There I was going me! with my rusty English from school, I had to get back to study like crazy!

I my freetime, I used to imagine how would it feel to create a company in the land oportunities. It was so much imagine and imagine that, the wish come true.

From a little corner of the little living room of my little apartment for two, I write stories in my blog, I desing, and I scraw in pages of white paper.

Because life is a party.

Because happiness is in those new shoes.

Because red lips are not only fashionable on Saturday night, bit also on Monday morning.

Because everyday there are seasons to dance.

Let’s dance!